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Our local farm provides quality, wearable, natural alpaca fiber items that will not only keep you warm from top to toe, but also wick away body moisture making our products comfortable year round.

Generational beef farm since 1940 with the addition of game birds, Labrador Retrievers, chickens arriving in the early 2000's followed by an apiary supplying the farm with locust/wild flower honey, and most recently the introduction of exotic peafowl and alpacas in 2017.

Our family farm is maintained and run by our immediate family with consultation from close friends. Our farm store is open weekly and by appointment for those seeking quality grass-fed beef, eggs, honey or natural alpaca products.

We hold periodic open house events, private and public farm tours and vendor shows to promote healthy eating and living sustainably.


Some of Our Favorites —


The Outdoorsman

Our Outdoorsman Alpaca Sock is a heavyweight boot height sock designed to be the warmest, softest, most comfortable alpaca sock Made in the USA.  $25

Paca Hikers

Extremely durable alpaca hiking socks with reinforced nylon and spandex and infused with Aloe Vera to provide comprehensive medicinal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory benefits. $18

Ankle Sock

Jump start your Spring with our new and improved Low Pro Alpaca Sock.  $15

Yoga Non-Slip

The perfect choice for Yoga and Pilates! These Socks have non-slip soles that will provide traction on a variety of surfaces, you will be comfortable around the house!  $15


Survival Sock

Our Survival Sock is a terry loop lined mid-weight sock designed for a wide range of outdoor activities and climates. $20

 Diabetic Sock

This light-weight alpaca sock is designed to meet all the needs of a diabetic.  $22

Half Calf Boot Sock

Our High Calf Boot Sock is an alpaca terry loop lined mid-weight sock that extends up over the calf for added warmth in the great outdoors.  $25

Golf Sock

These innovative alpaca Sport Socks offer comfort with a cushion of dense terry loop on the sole and wicking properties to keep you cool.  $15

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172 North Summit Road
Greenville, PA 16125


Fridays in December for Holiday Shopping
Farm Visits and Shopping by appointment


(724) 977.7513